Earth Day at Skamania Lodge

Why do we celebrate Earth Day?

This earth day, we celebrate that Skamania Lodge is part of the solution. Our environment is our identity. We intend to protect it and continue to take actionable steps towards sustainability and be a leader in environmental best practices.

In addition to our efforts here at Skamania Lodge the owners of Skamania Lodge are passionate about sustainability, see here for more information.

How do we celebrate Earth Day?

Sustainability in Lodge Operations

  •         Switching to gas fireplaces throughout the hotel has reduced air pollution to just 5 pounds a year.
  •         AquaRecycle is used as a water recycling system that implements filters and UV systems that reclaim and treat 100% of wastewater while reducing energy by 50%.
  •         Energy-efficient LED bulbs are installed in addition to large panoramic windows for more natural and greener lighting.
  •         In-Room toiletries are used with wall-mounted dispensers that keep 80,000 single-use plastic bottles out of our landfills every year.

Sustainable Food Choices

  •         It's vital to us and our guests that we serve the most local and sustainably sourced ingredients possible. "All of Skamania's Steelhead is sustainably sourced right here in the Columbia River Gorge. We get our produce from sources as close to us as possible. Nearly 100% of our protein is grown and sourced by the 15 family ranchers of Oregon's Country Natural Beef." - Zac Janssen, Executive Chef
  •         After incorporating the advanced frying system Frylow, Executive Chef Matt Hale and the culinary team can extend the lifespan of cooking oils by nearly 400%. This has resulted in less environmental waste, reduced electricity consumption, and lower gas costs. Not to mention it significantly reduces cook times and drastically lowers Skamania's carbon footprint.
  •         Skamania is a leader when it comes to managing food waste. Our executive Food & Beverage team has released a comprehensive e-book outlining the best food waste management practices for each hospitality department to follow.

Green on the Greens

  •         The new nine-hole course and 18-hole putting course encapsulate about 15 acres of irrigated area. The artificial greens total about 2 acres which leaves about 13 acres total that is irrigated. So, the artificial greens reduce our water usage in these two areas by 15%.
  •         No fungicides are applied on the golf course due to having artificial greens and tees.
  •         The areas of the former golf course that have been repurposed as disc golf don’t require as intensive maintenance practices as were once necessary. This is because it is no longer necessary to cut the grass short for fairways as before, resulting in a reduction in water usage.

Established a Green Team Taskforce

  •         Our green team helps Skamania Lodge be greener and more sustainable while advocating for future methods to reduce our environmental impact.

Spruce Up Stevenson Day

  •         Associates at Skamania Lodge are volunteering this April to help clean up our local downtown, Stevenson, WA, and build a stronger community.

National Forest Foundation Donations

  •         Skamania Lodge celebrates its partnership with the National Forest Foundation with a proud announcement that with the help of our guests, we have donated over $148,000 to the Stewardship Fund to improve wildlife habitat, enrich streams, restore native plants, and improve recreational experiences.

There are so many ways throughout the lodge that we continue to reduce our carbon footprint from recycling and paper reduction to green cleaning solutions and reusable guestroom keys.  To read further, visit the Sustainability page on our website at

April 19, 2022