French Master Chefs of Coeur of Discovery

Skamania Lodge Chef Zac Janssen has always had a love for French Cuisine. Zac spent 3 months in the Loire Valley in Pouiloy-Sous-Charlieu learning his craft from Chef Allain Rousseau at Restaurant De La Loire after completing culinary school in Iowa and Cordon Bleu in Portland Oregon. Chef Janssen is revisiting his fondness for French cuisine by inviting three French Master Chefs, (Maitre Cuisiners de France) to Skamania Lodge for a night of amazing food and wine.

Maître Cuisiniers de France is the most envied title that chefs can aspire to and is very difficult to achieve this level of excellence. Three chefs Olivier Gaupin, Eric Truglas, and Philippe Boulot have each earned this achievement and will be featured Chefs at the Coeur of Discovery, French Master Chef Project Dinner.

It takes skill, dedication, and a six-month review process to have the chance to join one of the world’s most prestigious culinary associations, the Maîtres Cuisiniers de France. When asked what it takes to be a French Master Chef, Eric Truglas, Executive Chef at The Ridge, says “Be patient and learn every day during your career as a Chef. Educate your palate, be adventurous and be willing to try new things. Respect the products, favor quality over quantity, and create a memorable dining experience to your guests.”

“Being a Maitres Cuisiners de France is preserving our heritage of French cooking traditions around the world. Passing on our knowledge for generations to come and being associated with a group of incredibly talented Chefs that share the same values throughout the world, is why we strive for this designation” says French Master Chef Olivier Gaupin, director of culinary operations at Benchmark Hospitality.

The Coeur of Discovery French Master Chef Benefit Dinner will combine the flavors of the Pacific Northwest and French cooking traditions to create an unforgettable menu. These incredible flavors will be paired with a large wine list that has been carefully selected by 12 local vineyards. Read about the wine in our previous article: Wine by the Choice.

February 18, 2022