Skamania Lodge Getaway Checklist

With summer quickly approaching, The Backyard is here to help you plan your next adventure trip. Long weekends are great ways to head out of town for a little while and reconnect with yourself, family and friends. You never know when a short hike can turn into a full day of exploring. Make sure you pack these on your trip to stay at Skamania Lodge! Missed one of these for your trip? The Backyard has it all from golf gear to hiking essentials.

1 Versatile Layers

The weather of the gorge can cast a summer shower at any minute so bring along another layer to keep fresh while you play.

2 Sunglasses

Don’t wait until you’re on the green to that you realize you forgot your sunglasses! Did you? That’s okay we don’t judge, which is why we sell different styles in the Backyard!

3 Vacation Shirt

Bring a shirt to match the occasion with a fun pattern or color. We encourage that the crazier, the better!

4 Flashlight

Time flies when you’re having fun, so bring a flashlight in case you have trouble finding one of our many firepits.

5 Easy Umbrella

Remember those summer showers I mentioned? Stay dry with a compact umbrella to keep you outside all day long.

6 Trendy Day Bag

Sure, your duffle has unlimited pockets, but a small additional bag makes it easy to keep all your important items in one place that can be packed and unpacked repeatedly.

7 Hiking Boots

We have plenty of exploring opportunities at Skamania Lodge. You don’t want to miss out on anything while you’re replacing bandaids on your toes.

8 Portable Speaker

How else are you going to play your vacation playlist?

9 Trusted Cap

Keep the sun and sweat at a minimum with a ballcap or hat of your choice. Can’t decide on one? We have various options to choose from in the Backyard!

10 Security Waterbottle

We all have that water bottle that we take everywhere. With so many trails and activities at Skamania Lodge, you want to stay hydrated! You guessed it; we have those at the Backyard too!

April 6, 2022