Wilderton - Zero Proof Cocktails at Skamania Lodge

Skamania Lodge is excited to announce that we are now carrying Wilderton, Zero Proof Spirits. This new unapologetic drinking experience allows the flavors to be unbound by alcohol. While vegan and sugar-free are a bonus, the real experience lies in the botanical flavors. Wilderton works hard to find the best flavors possible which brings them to source carefully for their botanicals from all over the world to create unique flavor combinations.

Seth O’Malley, an expert distiller/plant nerd, and Brad Whiting, a liquor industry veteran, joined forces through a two-year experimental journey where they worked on an extensive array of botanical samples, combining them into crazy flavors. We sat down with Brad to get a closer look into Wilderton to learn more.

What got you interested in distilling zero-proof spirits?

Being in the industry so long, you end up finding the flavors of alcohol becoming quite limiting. With zero-proof cocktails, the flavor becomes the priority.

What is your favorite part of the production process?

We work with so many unique botanicals and when they get delivered there’s a moment where they sit together like a work of art: complex colors and textures from around the world.

What makes Wilderton unique from other zero-proof providers?

Our craft is not about mimicking a flavor that already exists. We create new flavors that can be used in unlimited combinations.

Do you have any pet peeves in drink styles?

              Anything too sweet to me feels like it’s masking any flavor possibilities.

What is your favorite Wilderton flavor combination?

The Daily Cresent combines Wilderton Earthen, Angostura bitters, Peychaud’s bitters and an amazing black tea simple syrup.

What are your goals for Wilderton in 2022?

We are opening a new office in California and starting a 3rd zero-proof spirit that we are so excited about!

We can’t help but want to reward ourselves, especially on vacation. Ask to pair these incredibly unique flavors with a traditional spirit for a totally new cocktail! Whatever your style, try this unique drinking experience at Skamania Lodge.

April 6, 2022