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Going Green to Remain Evergreen


Our environment is part of our identity, and we intend to protect it. Skamania Lodge continues to take actionable steps towards sustainability and be a leader in environmental best practices. Continue reading to learn what we've done and more importantly, where we're going.

The Green Choice Program


How it works

Make your footprint smaller and opt in to Skamania's Green Choice Program. 

Opting into the program will forgo daily housekeeping room services and in turn, reduce water consumption, electricity usage and the amount of chemicals used daily.

To show our gratitude for your support, you receive a $5 credit each night you are on the program to make your stay with us more fun and apply towards retail items, spa services, golf activities and dining at the Lodge. 

When you opt into Green Choice, you save...

  • Enough electricity to operate your tablet for 5 days
  • 45 Gallons of water – enough to water a 15 pound dog for a year
  • The same amount of natural gas needed to bake five dozen cookies
  • Fewer cleaners which mean less chemicals released into the environment
waterfall filling a water bottle

Our Move to Zero Single Use Plastic 


By the end of August 2020, our goal is to provide an alternative to all plastic use in our restaurants and meeting venues. 


“In our effort to move to zero SUP’s (single use plastics) on property, we've taken an unprecedented lead in the industry to remove all plastic bottles from our convention areas and restaurants. Guests who wish to have single packaged water, juice, etc., will be given a non-plastic option. We've also eliminated the use of plastic kids cups and replaced them with stainless steel reusable tumblers and silicone lids in all our restaurants. Lastly, we've set up water stations throughout the hotel, including a water bottle fill stations located each guest room floor.” - Trudi Hanson, Director of Food & Beverage

Green Apron Transitions to Compostable Products

All Green Apron take out service containers, boxes, cups, straws, lids, cutlery and condiment containers are 100% compostable and/or recyclable. 

The Move to Zero Starts From Within

All Skamania associates recve a reusable mug when hired to use and reuse at work. Our employee break room eliminated the use of all plastic cups and straws to encourage associates to use sustainable alternatives.

Igniting Change

How we reduced fireplace pollution to just 5 pounds a year.


"We all enjoy a large crackling fire, but did you know that each cord of wood burned in our Gorge Room fireplace created up to 81 pounds of pollution? This means that the 60 cords of wood we burned each year created roughly 4,880 pounds of pollution. Combine this with the 100 cords of wood used in the past to fuel Skamania’s guestrooms, the River Rock Lounge and Stevenson Ballroom fireplaces, Skamania would emit 12,880 pounds of pollution each year. This required about 5,000 trees to absorb the carbon emissions created. By converting all our fireplaces to gas, we have significantly reduced our emissions from 12,880 pounds to just 5 pounds per year and saved more than 100 mature trees in firewood."

Ken Daugherty, General Manager

Every Drop Counts

Water Conservation 


Skamania Lodge uses AquaRecycle, a laundry water recycling system with specilaized filters and UV systems that clean and disinfect up to two thirds of our laundry washing machine water. 

When your backyard is as big as ours, it's important to limit water consumption. "The Water Maze grass composter was added to eliminate grass clipping waste. The system uses micro-organisms to break down clippings and recycle water. Which reduces our overall water useage and prevents fertilizers from entering the sewer system." - Aaron Stamper, Golf Course Superintendent

Green Light

Energy Efficiency  


Skamania Lodge's panoramic windows bring in loads of natural light. But to supplement our sight, we converted all lighting to energy efficient LED bulbs.

When we're not in action, neither are our lights. Skamania uses motion detectors in meeting rooms, back hallways, restrooms, and closets be energy efficient.

Drive electric? Park in one of our eight electric vehicle charging stations.

Using Less, Useless Plastics.

How We Save 80,000 Plastic Bottles From Our Landfills Each Year. 


“Our in-room toiletries shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, hand soap, and lotion use spa quality products and are dispensed from wall-mounted fixtures which keeps approximately 80,000 single use plastic bottles out of our landfills every year.”

 - Robin Hale, Executive Housekeeper

Food for Thought


Sustainably Sourced Ingredients

It's vital to us and our guests that we serve the most local and sustainably sourced ingredients possible.

"All of Skamania's Steelhead is sustainably sourced right here in the Columbia River Gorge. Our produce is always coming from as close as we can get it. While nearly 100% of our protein is grown and sourced by the 15 family ranchers of Oregon's Country Natural Beef." - Zac Janssen, Executive Sous Chef

Fry Smarter, Not Longer.

After incorporating the advanced frying system Frylow, Executive Chef Matt Hale and the culinary team are able to extend the lifespan of cooking oils by nearly 400%. This has resulted in less environmental waste, reduced electric consumption and lower gas costs. Not to mention it significantly reduces cook times and drastically lowers Skamania's carbon footprint. 

Minimizing Food Waste

Skamania is a leader when it comes to managing food waste. Our executive Food & Beverage team has released a comprehensive e-book outlining the best food waste management practices for each hospitality department to follow. 

Managing Food Waste Best Practices by Skamania Lodge

  1. Read E-Book

It Doesn't Stop Here

Continue reading to learn more about Skamania Lodge's sustainability efforts.

Sustainability Continued...

What and how do we recycle?

  • We recycle paper, cardboard, tin, aluminum and glass.
  • There are recycle bins throughout the Lodge interior and exterior, including all housekeeping stations.
  • We bale cardboard on site then transport it to the County Transfer site.
  • Tin and aluminum are both sorted on site then transported to the County Transfer site.
  • Glass is crushed on site then transported to the County Transfer Site.

“Recycling has been part of our DNA since we opened in 1993. We recycle everything from paper, cardboard, aluminum, glass and even toner in all our printers and copiers. We also recycle laundry water using specialized filters and an advanced UV system that cleans and disinfects up to two thirds of our laundry washing machine water. Ultimately, recycling is an extremely important part of how we operate and helps us save energy, prevent pollution, create jobs and save money in our community.” - Ken Daugherty, General Manager

  • The Gorge Room structure and flooring was built with recycled timber.
  • Many of the vertical supports throughout the lodge were repurposed from the Bumble Bee Tuna factory in Astoria Oregon.
  • The wood floors in the Gorge Room, River Rock Lounge and the Cascade Dining are well over 100 years old and were sourced from a tobacco warehouse in Georgia.

Green Housekeeping 

  • We have implemented a Linen Reuse Program, where guests who stay three or more days do not have linens changed until the 3rd night.
  • Our Housekeeping team uses H2Orange*, a peroxide based solution which is used in two dilutions, one as a disinfectant and one as a glass cleaner. Its dual purpose helps us minimize the amount of chemicals used. 
  • All guestroom air fresheners are all-natural and work through the AC vent or vacuum cleaner.
  • We dontate old sheets, towels and blankets to shelters and families in need, as well as to the fairgrounds for quilters. We also cut up towels to resuse as cleaning towels for Night Cleaners.

Golf Course Maintenance

  • In 2015 Skamania updated our irrigation system to include 350 part circle heads to prevent overspray in native areas. In addtion, we implemented a new computer system and satellites to increase our individual control in reducing overall water use.

 “Our irrigation renovation has reduced our water use and made our course firmer and faster for our guests.” - Golf Course Superintendent, Aaron Stamper

  • Skamania is a part of the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf, an award winning education and certification program that helps golf courses protect our environment and preserve the natural heritage of the game. Being a part of the program helps to enhance and protect the valuable natural areas and wildlife habitats that golf courses provide, improve efficiency, and minimize potentially harmful impacts of golf course operations. 

Heating & Cooling

  • Instead of using a natural gas pool heater, we use the discharged heat from our dehumidifier (that would normally exhaust the excess heat outdoors) to heat our pool vastly reducing our demand for natural gas for heating our pool. 
  • We have adopted a new HVAC building automation system. This system allows us to better control our HVAC systems by monitoring occupancy and will shut units down when rooms are not in use.

Paperless Reservations

  • Guests no longer write on a paper registration card. All policies can now be signed electronically which creates less paper waste.
  • Guests receive an emailed invoice overnight rather than a paper invoice under their door. This helps to reduce the amount of paper we use to print off a guest bills and final invoices. 

Key Waste

  • Skamania uses reusable keys in guest rooms as well as specific meeting rooms. These keys can be programmed for single use as well as joint use. For example, instead of providing a guest three seperate keys to access their room, its ajoining room, and their meeting room. Skamania creates one universal key with access to unlock all three rooms. 
  • Guests are encouraged to drop their keys in an express checkout box for future key reuse.

Green Certifications

  • Skamania is a recognized TripAdvisor Green Leader
  • Skamania's eligibility certification is in progress for the Green Restaurant Association and Audubon International.