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The Waterleaf Spa at Skamania Lodge relaxes your senses while you are secluded in our intimate mountain setting


Waterleaf Spa is looking forward to creating your personalized spa experience.  

When you call to make your appointment, our spa professionals will work with you to ensure your Washington State Spa experience exceeds your expectations.

Advance reservations are highly recommended and can be made by calling 844-432-4748 or by emailing the spa at

*When emailing the Waterleaf Spa, please remember that your reservation is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation from the Spa.  

Classic spa therapies provide guests with the best selection of unique and rejuvenating treatments while on vacation. Retreat for a day or longer to this Portland, Oregon spa and revel in one of our Weekly Spa Promotions, including Prosecco Monday, Two for Tuesday, Waxing Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday and Facial Friday.  Discover the details. Guests can choose from a variety of spa treatments to enjoy for a day or an extended retreat at the spa.


Explore Our Services:


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Healing Massage Therapies

Pamper yourself with total relaxation at our spa resort near Portland, Oregon.  Experience our Waterleaf massage treatments, encouraging good health by increasing circulation, detoxification and relaxation.

Waterleaf Signature Swedish Massage 

This massage can range from a relaxing and light touch to a more vigorous massage – or a mix of both…it’s your preference. 

  • 50 minutes / $140    80 minutes / $190

Therapeutic Sports Massage    

Uses a technique that promotes circulation of blood and lymph fluids in the body plus improves the range of motion for stiffened joints. Stretching and trigger point therapy are incorporated if needed. 

  • 50 minutes / $140    80 minutes / $190 

Prenatal Massage    

Providing comfort and care during this very special time, the gentle touch of massage coupled with careful stretching during pregnancy benefits both mother and baby. Available after the first trimester. 

  • 50 minutes / $140    80 minutes / $190

Head, Hand and Foot Ritual 

Treat and heal the hands and feet with a scrub and massage to promote circulation, minimize swelling and reduce fatigue.  Includes a rejuvenating scalp massage. 

  • 50 minutes / $140  

Columbia River Rock Massage  

A relaxing massage incorporating heated or chilled body rocks to loosen tense muscles. Heated stones and the relaxing massage create an incredibly soothing experience, while cold stones help reduce swelling, reduce muscle spasms and provide great relief for sore muscles. 

  • 80 minutes / $ 200

Deep Tissue Massage   

This massage is therapeutic and helpful for sports injuries, tension and chronic pain. Specific techniques are used to reach deeper layers of muscle and physically break down muscle “knots” by manipulating fascia and connective tissue. 

  • 50 minutes / $160    80 minutes / $ 210

We encourage to enhance your Waterleaf Spa massage with one, or more, of our great Massage Enhancements.          

Massage Enhancements


Massage Enhancements

No Additional time is required to add these enhancements to your massage experience.


Benefit from the relaxation, pain relief and invigorating effects of a massage with CBD. CBD’s interaction with your natural endocannabinoid system reduces inflammation and chronic pain, improves skin health and alleviates anxiety and stress. 

  • Additional $35 


Stress Relief Detox Mud 

Encouraging profound purification of the tissues using an innovative massage-mud, the treatment stimulates cellular vitality. For further detox, we recommend you relax in the steam room or sauna after massage. 

  • Additional $25 


Revitalizing Foot Scrub    

An exfoliating foot scrub and massage  renews and revives dry skin. 

  • Additional $20 

Hair and Scalp Treatment    

An intensive conditioner is massaged into your hair and scalp to repair chemically treated and environmentally challenged hair. 

  • Additional $20 


Dry Brushing     

Stimulate circulation and brush away dead skin cells to prepare your skin for better absorption. As a gift from us, you will also  be able to take the brush home. 

  • Additional $20 

Eye Mask   

Made of milk and honey, this under eye lift boosts collagen. 

  • Additional $15 


Yoga Balm   

Increase cell growth, natural anti-inflammatory, and detoxify the body.

  • Additional $15




Our certified organic facial products effectively engage nature – leading to total beauty and a sense of well-being.  All facials include a neck and shoulder massage to encourage total relaxation! 

Age Defense - Firming Facial    

It’s never too early for prevent damage! This age defense treatment protects the skin against the pollutants, stress, sun exposure and free radicals of modern life.    

  • 80 minutes / $200


Complexion Perfection - Purifying Facial  

This treatment actively reduces the symptoms of problematic skin. Cleanse and detoxify imbalanced and congested skin with this results-driven purifying facial. 

  • 80 minutes / $200


Classic Renew - Restore - Regenerate Facial 

This restorative facial combines healing therapies and products to hydrate and rejuvenate the skin’s integrity while promoting a healthy, beautiful complexion. 

  • 50 minutes / $140


Gentlemen’s Facial    

This facial helps to retain moisture for men’s specific skincare needs. 

  • 50 minutes / $140


Herbal Back Facial    

Give your back the same care as a facial. A pampering cleanse is followed by exfoliation and a bamboo masque, finishing with a hydrating moisturizer. 

  • 25 minutes / $85 


Teen Facial  (Ages 13-17)   

This customized facial is designed for young sensitive skin. 

  • 25 minutes / $85     50 minutes / $140 


Facial Enhancements

 No additional time required   

  • Eye Lift Contour/$30     
  • Hydrating Lip Therapy/$20   
  • Hair and Scalp Treatment/$15  
  • Hungarian Mud treatment/$20


Facial Add-Ons 

Additional 10-15 minutes 


  • Eyebrow Wax/$18  
  • Lip Wax/$15
  • Chin Wax/$15 
  • Brow/Lip/Chin Wax/$40 
  • Enzyme Peel /$30


Additional Add-Ons

  • Revitalizing Foot Scrub/$20
  • Anti-Aging Hand Treatment/$20

Body Treatments

spa salts

Body Treatments

Stress Relief Detox Mud Wrap 

Perfect for anyone needing deep renewal and purification, this treatment begins with a dry brushing then moves to a muscle-warming, re-mineralizing and purifying body treatment. Using a thermogenic marine alga based mud with natural botanicals such as peppermint, St. John’s wort and arnica to stimulate energy flow, this soothing wrap helps relieve aches and pains associated with joint problems as well as muscular tension. 

  • 80 minutes / $205


Hydrating Shea Butter Wrap 

For anyone needing to deeply relax their mind, body and soul, this intoxicating wrap includes a full body dry brush with an indulgent blend of essential oils that stimulates a deep sense of well-being while providing profound nourishment and improved circulation. 

  • 80 minutes / $205


Waterleaf Seasonal Himalayan Salt Body Polish 

This body exfoliation awakens the senses and leaves the skin smooth with no residue. 

  • 50 minutes / $140  


Sea Mist Dead Sea Salt Body Polish 

This body exfoliation rejuvenates and smooths with delicate fragrance choices. 

  • 50 minutes / $140   

Peppermint Coffee Body Polish 

An invigorating, awakening exfoliation, this body polish leaves your skin smooth and alive. 

  • 50 minutes / $140

Bridal Packages

hair and makeup

Spa Bridal Packages

Waterleaf Spa invites you and your wedding party to experience special pampering during this wonderful time in your life.  Join us for one of our special occasion spa treatments.

Bridal Party Bliss 

  • Packages price starts at $250 per person.                                                                                     

A must for every member of the bridal party. This package is specifically designed to make your bridal team feel as special and beautiful as they are to you. Enjoy one of our 50-minute body wraps and a 50-minute massage. This package includes a complimentary “Hair Mask” and a bottle of Champagne for you and your party.  Reserved for parties of 3 or more. 

Ultimate Bridal Bliss 

  • Package price starts at $380 per person.                                                                                                         

A blissful package that will get you prepped for your big day. Start with a 50-minute body scrub followed by a 50-minute massage. Enjoy a complimentary lunch on us while we prepare for your 50-minute facial treatment. This package includes a complimentary glass of champagne. 

Four Hands and Two Hearts

Package price $380 per couple.                                                                                                                

  • Start your honeymoon with us at the Waterleaf Spa. Come and enjoy a relaxing massage for two in our couple’s rooms. Begin with an 80-minute relaxation massage with our Cabernet Sauvignon – infused massage oil and to finish the experience you will receive a complimentary foot scrub. This package included two glasses of champagne.  

Call today for a consultation appointment 509.427.2529.

Each bridal package includes a complimentary add on service. 

*18% gratuity added to all bridal packages.