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Restorative Wellness Retreat

Hosted By Crystal Borup
Featuring special guest

Restore, relax, reconnect

June 30 - July 2, 2023

Imagine a weekend where you can quiet your mind, engage your body, and explore ways to slow down the pace of your everyday life.

Our wellness weekend is an immersive two-night retreat program and an all-inclusive wellness package that includes private yoga sessions, meditation, hiking, sound bathing, massage & spa service, hot tubs, and healthy meals.

$995.00 Per Person

Guestrooms will be offered at 20% off through a code provided post retreat registration.
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Exclusive Retreat, Space is Limited!

Due to high demand, and limited availability, the Wellness Retreat is on first come, first serve basis.Have questions about the retreat? We are happy to help! Email ipastoor@skamania.com or call (509) 427-2529 for questions or to secure your spot now!

Restorative Wellness Retreat


Healthy Meals for Lunch and Dinner
Two (2) Group Yoga Sessions
One (1) Therapeutic Sound Bath Session
One (1) Guided Hike
One (1) 50 minute facial or One (1) 50 minute massage
One (1) Forest Bathing Session
Unlimited Hot Tub, Sauna, Pool, and Onsite Hiking Access

*BONUS: a Free Pendleton Yoga Mat to take home

Guestrooms will be offered at 20% off through a code provided post retreat registration.

Our Retreat Host

Crystal Borup is a teacher of spirituality, meditation, and yoga. She is a energy activist, a reiki master, and author of Yoga Beyond the Physical. She has been teaching, guiding, mentoring, and coaching students for over a decade through her Soulful Living Retreats, online offerings and building community.  As a best selling author, public speaker, mentor, and Soulful Living Guide, her work has been featured on ABC The Gorge Magazine, The Yoga Expo, and Soul Awakening. Take this exclusive opportunity to meet Crystal, and Book Her Retreat!

Joined by Special Guest @wildoregongirl

Renee’ Anderson is an Oregon Born author and magic seeker. Her mission is to unite by sharing the community of each unique biome.   Wild Oregon Girl is the creative diary of life after a schizoaffective diagnosis- walking a path of truth, alignment, and community. Renee’s writings reflect a woman who is healing by connecting with herself and her highest service by sharing the beauty of Oregon & Washington (and its people). It is an honor for Renee’ to represent Oregon and stand as an advocate for both mental and women’s health.  @wildoregongirl

What Others Are Saying

Does this feel like you?...You feel like there is something missing in your life and you long for a deeper connection; You want to discover your heart's desires and live an authentic and more fulfilling life; You are ready to be empowered and want to find the confidence to stand in your own truth; You feel lost at times and don't have a clear direction of what you are supposed to be doing; You wish to simplify, align, and start living a life of ease. If so, join our Wellness Retreat.

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