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Discover Skamania's Three On-Property Hiking Trails

The trail system at Skamania Lodge offers over four miles of nature trails on the property with magnificent views of the surrounding Columbia River Gorge and Cascade Mountains. 

Lake Loop Trail

Lake Loop Trail

The Creek Loop Trail is a picturesque walk in the woods and is a great path for a trail run. Keep an eye out for local wild life such as birds, frogs, turtles, rabbits and deer while crossing through a beautiful section of forest, a long footbridge and a wetland bog. 

Creek Loop Trail: 1.5 Miles

Hike Level: Moderate

Creek Loop Trail

Creek Loop Trail

The Lake Loop Trail provides beautiful views of Wy’east Lake, Lily Pad Lake and the Red Bluff Mountains. Winding through beautiful sections of forest and passing two on-property lakes, this trail winds behind Skamania's golf course and taking you back to the main Lodge. 

Lake Loop Trail: 1.75 Miles

Hike Level: Moderate

Gorge Loop Fitness Trail

Gorge Loop Fitness Trail

The Gorge Loop Fitness Trail is our most challenging and most exciting! With fitness stations and 17 activities this trail is perfect for outdoor fitness enthusiasts looking for full-body workout.

Gorge Loop Fitness Trail: 0.9 Mile Fitness Course

Hike Level: Challenging 

Our Favorite Hikes of the Season

Hiking in the Columbia River Gorge is not just a summertime activity - it's a lifestyle year round.  So in order to recommend you the very best trails to explore, we've asked our employees "What's your favorite hike this season in the Gorge?"

Here's what they recommend!

Trish's Favorite Summer Hike

As Conceirge, Trish recommends adventures to Skamania's guests each and every day. So it was a no brainer to ask Trish (an expert on the Gorge) about her favorite summertime hike - Wind Mountain

"Wind Mountain is fabulous in the summertime. It's the perfect hike if you're looking for a bit of a challenge and spectacular views of the river."

Wind Mountain is a 2.5 mile round trip hike that climbs to incredible views overlooking the Columbia River Gorge from the Washington side of the river. It's a moderately difficult out & back hike, but the views from the top are a worthy reward. 

Photo captured by Sara Hendrickson

Top Fall Hikes in the Gorge

Just because the seasons change, doesn't mean you favorite activities have to. With cooling temperatures and changing colors, fall is a beautiful time of year to hike the Gorge. 

Dry Creek Falls

Starting at the iconic Bridge of the Gods, this easy to moderate 5 mile out and back hike leads you through lushes green scenic trails and a 75 foot waterfall. 

Hamilton Mountain 

This 9.4-mile looped hike offers rewarding views at the top of it's challenging 2,438-foot summit. This classic Gorge trail is filled with rushing waterfalls, cliff side vistas and vine maples that cover the forest in rich colors.  

Cape Horn Loop 

The top of Cape Horn Loop offers some of the best views of the colors of fall. Sprinkled throughout the Gorge, you'll gaze as trees transform to bright reds, golds, and oranges. 

Latourell Falls

This 2.4-mile looped hike is simply mezmorizing in the fall. With vibrant colors that shine behind the midst of the 249 foot plunge of Latourell Falls. 

Explore The Nation's Largest National Scenic Area

The Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area is renowed for it's spectacular beauty, rich culture, and geologic history. Stretching 293,000 acres, the Columbia Gorge is a playground for adventurists and haven for those seeking to reconnect with nature. Sprinkled throughout, you'll discover rushing waterfalls, scenic peaks, lushes forests and the trails to take you there. Whether you're embarking on a casual summer hike or an epic winter trek, the Columbia River Gorge offers a vast array of the world's best hiking for all levels. 

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Pacific Crest Trail Association is proud to announce a new map brochure of the Pacific Crest Trail specifically for the Columbia River Gorge area. It recommends day trips and provides information about local trail-friendly amenities and tips on how to be prepared, leave no trace and support the trail near Portland, Oregon.